Sunday, 27 May 2012

Weekend canoe trip to the Boundary Waters

Over Memorial day weekend we went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area 6 hrs drive north of Minneapolis close to the Canadian border. We had posted the trip on the MN Rovers site and was join by 6 other Rovers for a great weekend in the wilderness. 
The team

Checking the map

Lunch in the sun

Our first night camp from the sea side
Very curious fox, that wouldn't leave our camp site. 
In addition I spottet a bear on the road on my run the morning before we headed out, 
not every day you see that!

Relaxing at the camp fire

Minnesotas state flower Pink Lady's Slipper

Swimming in the sun, but in very cold water

Camp site acrobatics !?

Making pancakes in the rain
Post trip lunch at Betty's Pies

Everybody made it back safe and sound

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cable Area Off Road Classic

This weekend we went to Wisconsin once again, last time we were there it was cold and everything was white, this time everything was green. The sun was shining - as last time - but this time it was 30 degrees c (or 90ish degrees Fahrenheit). 

Saturday we participated in a 25 mile mountain bike race. It was great! 50-75% of the course was on single track. WOW. 

Number 1, 2, and three in each (very narrow) age group were given an award, two women participated in the 25-30 age group and I came in last (or second...)

Michael was not impressed, I was less than 25% slower than him (apparently not enough) and also: he did not get a medal.

Happy again

"Hygge" in the cabin the night after the race

Sunday we had planned to do some more mountain biking in the area, however it rained all night and also a bit in the morning. As people do not ride when it is muddy here, we went out and had brunch instead..
We have seen so many people drink Bloody Mary's here (!?) and Jodi and Scott had talked about the cheap - and delicious - Bloody Mary's they served at the place we went for brunch, so we bought one....

Not a repeater..

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Michael returns

I've had this week off. Ended school last Thursday and won't begin the internship before Monday the 14th. Michael left for Amsterdam Sunday evening and didn't return until tonight where I picked him up in the airport (I found it by myself B-D). We went to Loring Kitchen across the street where we shared a meal un the sun and I had the first decent moijto I've had here.. we are definitely going back for more some other summer night

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Vicky's farewell party

Saturday I was at Vicky's farewell party 20 min south of St. Paul at one of her friends place. The theme was Sinco de Mayo which is a big thing here and also Derby... which is also a big thing.. a wierd mix, but a great party.

White Water Kayak in Minnesota

This Saturday I went up to the Banning State park 2 hours north on Minneapolis to join the River Ramblers white water kayak trip on the Kettle River. I hadn't been paddling for more than half a year, so I was excited to see if I could remember to handle the kayak in the rapids. We had two runs down the Kettle river and it was great to be in the water again. First time was a slow run with the group, where we scouted the rapids and took time to surf the rapids. The secound run was a white water race which was part of the Kettle river paddle fest that was taking place that weekend, so that was full speed down all the way. My first white water kayak race! In all a very good and fun day with a lot of other paddlers. I also got a chance to test our helmet camera for the first time in the water, see the results below.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

After the cracks and shots Michael and I had sushi on the shore of Lake Minnetonka...

Yet two more encounters with the American health care system - cracks and needles

Yesterday morning I went to the chiropractor. Michael had gotten a free consultation (=sales meeting) for me. As Michael had done, I also saw the video of how great chiropractic is, I got a heat analysis of my spine, Michaels doctors felt my back and - as opposed to Michael - I got three x-ray shots. Two days later (that was yesterday) I had to come back and get the results. Michael had an appointment before me, so I had to wait until he was done.. 
The chiropractor showed me the x rays, and explained - very convincing - how he was able to help me from destroying my spine... Most of the consultation was used on selling me a lot of services.. and then a couple of minutes of cracking my back..
Apparently my cervical vertebras were not aligned properly. They are supposed to form a straight line, but as the picture shows, mine are a bit skewed to the left - except for C1 (the upper vertebrae) which was skewed to the right).

After my chiropractic visit I drove to the university clinic to have two (of four) vaccinations… I got the hepatitis B shot and a shot containing tetanus, diphtheria, and also pertussis. I wanted the tetanus since we are going backpacking in remote areas in July, and I’ve read that it’s a good idea to get a booster for your diphtheria as well… I don’t know why I got the pertussis shot (they were mixed in one shot), but I guess (and hope) it can’t hurt to get a booster of that as well…
I got the Hep B because I have become paranoid after having had Infectious Disease Epidemiology… 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Laura's next adventure

Woohoo, I just bought a one-way ticket to Boston. I’m going in the end of May with Karen from my epi classes. She’ll be working while I’m exploring Boston. She has to go home when she’s finished the project, but my plan is to go by bus to New York and spend the weekend there with Vicky and Nancy and then catch the bus to DC where Vicky lives and spend a couple of days there as well…

Radio silence

Tomorrow I have my last class at the U.. Crazy! 3½ months have passed and that part's over.. I have been busy the past week; trying to prepare for three presentations I had Monday and Tuesday on my final projects. Today is Wednesday, so I lived through all of them B-D 

I got an internship at Minnesota Department of Health in their Foodborne, Vectorborne, and Zoonotic Disease Unit (though I'll only be working with food borne infections). I am looking forward to starting there (even though I had looked forward to two months of doing nothing...)