Monday, 26 March 2012

High Profile Adventure Camp

This weekend we went to Mount Carroll in Illinois on an adventure camp. I drove the most of the way so Michael could work in the car. It took me seven hours to get there. Sunday it took Michael less than six hours to drive us back to Minneapolis...

Friday evening and all Saturday we had clinics on climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, and navigation and Sunday there was a eight hour adventure race. Michael raced with two men and I participated with a couple we met on the camp. 

My team: Mike, Roxane, and I, crossing a river, seven hours into the the race
(Michael finished an hour before this, so he had plenty of time to take pictures of us)  
Me, posing, after I noticed that Michael had found us.
Passing the river in order to enter a cave in find a check point
Do we really want to go in there?
We made it out alive...
On our way, on a bed of anemones
On our way to the third last check point, a zipline...
 Are we sure it's up that huge hill? 
Double checking...

Me, getting ready to jump

Me, getting ready to do an ascend.
Each team had one robe
Roxane is helping me getting over the first part.

Almost there (notice, none of the others have moved :-D)
Me rappelling down on the other side of the rock, 
while Roxane is ascending it

Me, still on the top, trying to pluck up courage to begin the rappel,
Roxane almost down with her ascend..
Me, rappelling and swearing (...)
Done after 8 hours and 5 minutes
Roxane and I after the race

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