Sunday, 18 March 2012

Saint Patrick's Day

Yesterday we slept in and went mountain biking around noon. The weather was nice, the temperature was above 20 and we were ready for some of the many single tracks in the area - however they were not ready for us…We went to three; all of them were closed... So we ended up going on a less exciting drive on a dirt road. 

In the afternoon we went cycling around the city. It was Saint Patrick’s day and Downtown was crowded with people wearing green and partying. All cafés with tables outside were filled, it was amazing, the atmosphere was great. 

Me on the Stone Arch Bridge
After some cruising we went to a sushi/steak restaurant with a nice roof terrace and had a cocktail in a plastic cup.  

The cocktail turned into some sushi, a bottle of wine (served in plastic cups), more cocktails, a beer, and a Sunday morning headache...
Michael on the rooftop of SEVEN

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