Monday, 30 April 2012

Boonecrusher Adventure Race

On Friday night I drove 4hrs south of Minneapolis to Boone in Iowa where the 12hrs Adventure Race The Boonecrusher was taking place the following day. I was supposed to race with Pete from the Minneapolis Adventure racing team:  Team Midwest Mountaineering, but he injured his leg the week before, but luckily I found a substitute teammate via the race organizer. So Amy and I was ready for race start at 7am Saturday morning: race on!

It was a 90km course with MTB, trekking/running and canoeing. we had several challenges on the route, including the decision to ride a MTB single track in hilly terrain after a night of rain (= no grip and a lot of walking with the bike) and a double flat on my MTB. However after 9 hours and 44 minutes we reached the finish line and it turned out that we came in 2nd in the 2 person category (out of  17 teams) Only beaten by the local Minneapolis team Wedali, who are the 2011 Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing National Champions in the US.  

Amy and I at the finish line

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