Monday, 30 April 2012

Boonecrusher Adventure Race

On Friday night I drove 4hrs south of Minneapolis to Boone in Iowa where the 12hrs Adventure Race The Boonecrusher was taking place the following day. I was supposed to race with Pete from the Minneapolis Adventure racing team:  Team Midwest Mountaineering, but he injured his leg the week before, but luckily I found a substitute teammate via the race organizer. So Amy and I was ready for race start at 7am Saturday morning: race on!

It was a 90km course with MTB, trekking/running and canoeing. we had several challenges on the route, including the decision to ride a MTB single track in hilly terrain after a night of rain (= no grip and a lot of walking with the bike) and a double flat on my MTB. However after 9 hours and 44 minutes we reached the finish line and it turned out that we came in 2nd in the 2 person category (out of  17 teams) Only beaten by the local Minneapolis team Wedali, who are the 2011 Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing National Champions in the US.  

Amy and I at the finish line

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Yesterday we went to Karen from my epi courses and her boyfriend Adam's place in St. Paul (The 2nd twin in the Twin cities), not far from campus. When I got there Karen and I had a beer in the sun on the roof top and later when Michael and Adam were off from work we went in the hot tub (next to the ourdoor cinema B-D). 

Beating Karen and Adam in pool
Getting beaten by Karen and Adam in pool....

Friday, 20 April 2012

Spring Jam at the U

The weather is beautiful but there are two weeks to my last day of class and three big projects I need to finish so I am sitting two levels under ground while studying :-/ On the surface there are "Spring Jam" going on... Elisabeth and I spent I coffee break there, it was wonderful - but now I'm back in the dungeon...

Jessie James in action

Elisabeth, drinking her coffee very slow to prolong our procrastination...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Wolves game

Yesterday we went to our first sports event. We saw a Wolves game in the Targetcenter.

Our view from our original seats
During the 2nd quarter one of the staff approach us and reseats us
 to the 5th row from the field.. The view from there was much better ;-D

Everything got closer...

Six minutes before time, the Wolves were in the lead with one point.. I think they ended up loosing by eight :-/

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Savner pigerne..

Har lige været til basket kamp med 'The Wolves'. Deres temasang var 'The Big Bad Wolf'...

Monday, 16 April 2012

LA, even stronger

Sunday we borrowed bikes at the hotel and cycled along the beach

Afterwards we drove south, along the coast towards Donald Trump's golf course where we were planning to have lunch. Half a mile before the golf course we visited the most beautiful and romantic church I have ever seen, the Wayfares Chapel.

Me, with the glass chapel in the background
The chapel from the inside...
The view from the golf course where we had lunch
We order one burger to share but for some reason got two (ssshh) - tjin tjiiin

Our flight was at quater to midnight so after lunch we drove to Santa Monica. There we chilled and went to the movies. 
3rd street in Santa Monica

LA, still going strong

Friday was rainy so we went shopping in a mall, and visited two museums
Michael at the Music Center near one of the museums

Little Tokyo
Posing in Little Tokyo
A perfect Apple martini at The Cheesecake Factory
Posing at the Waterfront
Michael posing, me wanting to be in the picture too..


Saturday we drove up north towards Malibu. One the way we visited the Getty house and got a guided tour of the garden

On the way back from Malibu we found this amazing place, Malibu Wines. Here we tasted some of their local wines and enjoyed the sun and the wonderful atmosphere there.

Saturday evening we had dinner at Umami Burgers before going to a Comedy Show at the Comedy & Magic Club at Hermosa Beach

Friday, 13 April 2012

LA Baby

Drive-through cigarette shop...

After a very pretty drive up through the hills and a resident area,
we finally found The Sign


Karen had recommended 'Diddy Riese'

Chocolate chip cookie and a white chocolate macadamia cookie with
cookie'n'cream ice-cream


Bluewater Grill at the water front in Redondo beach