Friday, 10 February 2012

Car accident

Today we were supposed to go skiing. We left the house late as it was snowing and windy and we hoped they would have groomed the tracks before we got there. So we go around half twelve. We missed the turn so we had to stop, wait until we could turn, and then we made a u turn, accelerated a bit, skidded couple of time and all of a sudden we turning and on our way to the ditch in the other side of the road and before we know it we on the side, my window is broken and our skis are in my head....
A couple of seconds after it happened.. We're ok
Many people stopped to help us. Here they're trying to get Tom out

We were going the opposite direction - and in the opposite side of the road..
On the back of the sheriffs car
Right after Tom got out of the car as the last person a big truck spreading out sand on the road went by..... I guess he was five minutes late..

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  1. sikke en forskrækkelse, fantastisk at I ikke kom noget til!