Thursday, 16 February 2012

Today I met the Dean

Every year there is a social event for everyone involved with public health, the students, staff etc. There was free food and wine for this year’s event, so I of course showed up :-D.
One of the girls I have lunch with on Mondays were there, so I only felt lost for a few moments. I had, as usual, forgot my ID so I had to get Spencer (one of the other persons I have lunch with on Mondays) to get a glass for wine for me :-$ The theme of the event was Global Love (..), so they had decorated each table with a flag and a short fact about the country. There were about 20 tables and no Danish flag...I did share some facts about Denmark with the people sitting at my table though… (For example that Amsterdam is not the capital of Denmark..)

As we were eating, the Dean approached me and asked me if I was “the Dane” (I had seen Carol earlier that day and she wanted me to meet him). We chatted (and he apologized for the extraordinary winter (as everyone else does)) . 

Very nice of him, I am impressed. I don’t even know who the KU equivalent Dean is (…ok, I looked it up, and I did know. It is Ulla Wewer… But still, she has never introduced herself to me (nor have I been in the same room with her)).

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