Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Last weekend before the big race

This weekend we went to Hayward, Wisconsin, to ski and nothing worked for me. With the American BirkieBeirner being this Saturday this is just superb…No kick, stomach and back ache, and an aching blister.. and I even ended up with a soar shoulder after 26 km of poling...

Last time it was down to -19 degrees, this time it was above freezing, the sun was shining and it was difficult to get a (good) kick with blue extra underneath your ski… I am glad I got two days on ski in Michigan. Hopefully the temperature will be more favourable on Saturday.

Sunday at North End trails, Mary, Michael, Jodi, Scott, Tom, and I.
Apart from the not-so-good-ski-conditions (and a restaurant visit not worth mentioning) we had a great weekend. We stayed in Jodi and Scott’s cabin as last time, this time another couple from Rovers: Tom and Mary also joined us.

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