Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cable Area Off Road Classic

This weekend we went to Wisconsin once again, last time we were there it was cold and everything was white, this time everything was green. The sun was shining - as last time - but this time it was 30 degrees c (or 90ish degrees Fahrenheit). 

Saturday we participated in a 25 mile mountain bike race. It was great! 50-75% of the course was on single track. WOW. 

Number 1, 2, and three in each (very narrow) age group were given an award, two women participated in the 25-30 age group and I came in last (or second...)

Michael was not impressed, I was less than 25% slower than him (apparently not enough) and also: he did not get a medal.

Happy again

"Hygge" in the cabin the night after the race

Sunday we had planned to do some more mountain biking in the area, however it rained all night and also a bit in the morning. As people do not ride when it is muddy here, we went out and had brunch instead..
We have seen so many people drink Bloody Mary's here (!?) and Jodi and Scott had talked about the cheap - and delicious - Bloody Mary's they served at the place we went for brunch, so we bought one....

Not a repeater..

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