Saturday, 5 May 2012

Yet two more encounters with the American health care system - cracks and needles

Yesterday morning I went to the chiropractor. Michael had gotten a free consultation (=sales meeting) for me. As Michael had done, I also saw the video of how great chiropractic is, I got a heat analysis of my spine, Michaels doctors felt my back and - as opposed to Michael - I got three x-ray shots. Two days later (that was yesterday) I had to come back and get the results. Michael had an appointment before me, so I had to wait until he was done.. 
The chiropractor showed me the x rays, and explained - very convincing - how he was able to help me from destroying my spine... Most of the consultation was used on selling me a lot of services.. and then a couple of minutes of cracking my back..
Apparently my cervical vertebras were not aligned properly. They are supposed to form a straight line, but as the picture shows, mine are a bit skewed to the left - except for C1 (the upper vertebrae) which was skewed to the right).

After my chiropractic visit I drove to the university clinic to have two (of four) vaccinations… I got the hepatitis B shot and a shot containing tetanus, diphtheria, and also pertussis. I wanted the tetanus since we are going backpacking in remote areas in July, and I’ve read that it’s a good idea to get a booster for your diphtheria as well… I don’t know why I got the pertussis shot (they were mixed in one shot), but I guess (and hope) it can’t hurt to get a booster of that as well…
I got the Hep B because I have become paranoid after having had Infectious Disease Epidemiology… 

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