Thursday, 21 June 2012

An American Pig Farm and the 'European way of eating'...

3 day old piglets

Amy, Sam, Carrie, and I
Friday I visited a pig farm with Carrie, Amy, and Sam from MDH. It was very interesting – the piglets were sooo cute!!!

Afterwards we had lunch in a nearby town. Here I learnt that there is an ‘American way of eating’ a well as a ‘European way of Eating’… I never knew. The girls told me that Americans apparently eat as Danish children do…. They cut their food as we would do: knife in the right hand and the fork in the left, but then they put the knife down, move their fork from the left to the right hand and eat with only their fork… If they then need to cut some more, they move the fork back to the left hand, pick up the knife, cut, put it down again, move the fork back to the right hand and continue eating… Very weird! I have never noticed this! I forgot to ask if eg. Obama would eat like that as well – or if he eats the European - and more sophisticated – way. 

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