Monday, 4 June 2012

Laura's adventure

The day after our trip to Boundary Waters I went to Boston with Karen. We arrived a bit before noon on Tuesday and Karen showed me the city, we went on the Freedom Trail, the Public Library, Beacon Hill and tons of other stuff. The city was old(er than what I am used to in Minneapolis) and beautiful. Tuesday night we went out with some of Karen’s friends. 

Wednesday I visited Harvard, Fenway, and explored the city on my own, Wednesday evening we went out with Karen’s colleagues. Thursday afternoon I took the bus to New York and checked in at a Hostel on West 55th street between 9th and 8th avenue, close to Central Park. WOW! Just the cap ride from the bus stop to the hostel… Amaazing!

Next day was busy, ticked a lot of this off my list: Central Park, Rockerfeller Tower, Times Square, Ground Zero, Brooklyn Bridge, Staten Island Ferry, and The Statue of Liberty, pyvh… The day ended around 4 am with dinner and clubbing with Nancy and friends.. Pyyyyvh… I only had 3 days in New York, so I woke up at 8, had breakfast in Central Park with one of my roommates and then I went to the UN to see Ban-Ki Moon (he was not there though), Tompkins Square Park to have a slice of pizza, see art, and listen to music, and then I headed towards Soho - which I would not recommend if you are freaked/agry’d out about too many people. After an hour or so of napping Nancy came and we went back to the Tompkins Square area and had a late dinner and a drink.

Saturday ended early Sunday morning so I didn’t wake up until late Sunday (i.e. 10ish), I checked out and went to Harlem where I found a nice café with live music where I had a cappuccino and a good time! Then lunch with Nancy at Shake Shack and then I took the bus towards Washington DC where Vicky waited for me. We had a late dinner at a Mexican place and then she walked me to her friend’s place where I would stay. I ran out of money Sunday evening at the Mexican resto both on my credit card and on my phone so Monday morning I spent a while trying to get my phone up and running again. When that was all sorted out I went to the Mall, had lunch with Vicky at the Indian American Smithsonian, then we rented bikes and toured the Mall: Washington Monument, the White House, Lincoln memoriam, Korean War Memorial, Thomas Jefferson memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, World War II memorial and then we went to Arlington Cemetery. I had dinner near Dupont Circle and afterwards I took the bike down to the White House and the rest of the Mall to see the monuments at night. Tuesday was my 2nd and last day, I went to Georgetown where I had a cupcake, a macchiato, and went shopping with Vicky. Afterward we cycled toward the White house and had the best crapcake at the Old Ebbitt. Then a short visit to the Holocaust museum and then I had to leave for the airport…

White House

Nancy and I
Dancing (and filming) at a Lebanese club in NY

Breakfast at Paramount in Boston

Blueberry beer at BeerWorks near Fenway Park

Frozen margaritas with Karen and co. in Boston
Nice lunch café near Harvard

Beautiful public gardens near Fenway
Cannoli, a must have from North End, Boston

Another must-have in Boston: New
England Clam Chowder

New York:


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