Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tri Loppet

Saturday Michael participated in TriLoppet: 8 km canoe or kayak, 5 km run, and 8 km mtb. It was a last minute thing: a friend's canoe partner hurt her shoulder and decided on Thursday that she wasn't racing Saturday. Michael, of course, was up for the challenge. I acted as photographer, key, phone, and money holder. At least 7 people from the orienteering club participated and there were a couple of other spectators as well. 

We were out kayaking with Justin and Molly (who should have raced together) last weekend and then Michael was out with Justin on Thursday, but that was about it for training before the race. Nevertheless Michael and Justin were the 6th boat (i.e. 10 people before them) out of the water after about 40 minutes. After the 5 km Justin was down to no. 5 and Michael 6. On the mountain bike Justin passes another couple of people and finishes second. One other guy finishes and I see Michael being passed by a guy without t-shirt on the last hill 50 meters before the finish line. Michael is the 5th to finish, however the 3rd was a relay (i.e. not in the same competition), and it turns out that the jerk who passed Michael (after he'd drafted behind Michael the last part of the course) had been skipping corners so he was disqualified and thus Michael was 3rd overall… Wooohooo! (I am so not surprised, but still very proud). 

Minutes before the mstart
The start
Synchrone strokes (most of the time)
Getting tired...

Justin and Michael, out of the water, the 5 km begins with an uphill. 

Michael at the finish line
Justin and Michael

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