Thursday, 21 June 2012

Visit from Denmark

Last weekend Bente and Hans came to visit. It was great to see some familiar faces again. We went to a rooftop resto for dinner and drinks – steak, sushi, and not very impressive mojitos. Afterwards we showed them Downtown Minneapolis from a cycle taxi…

Saturday we went to the weekly Farmer’s market, walked the stone arch bridge, visited the Mill City Museum, and went to the balcony of the Guthrie Theater. It was 30+ degrees and awful. 

For lunch we bought a bunch of things from a grocery store and made a picnic in the shade near Cedar Lake. 

The city was teeming with life and free activities that weekend and that evening we went to a blues (and barbecue) festival and another festival with many different venues scattered all over the city, we went to the Stone Arch Bridge and saw a ‘psychedelic parade’. 

Sunday we had breakfast at French Meadow on Lyndale and later, after Michaels parents had left, Michael and I went to a street festival on Lyndale Avenue. It was 38 degrees though, and thus impossible (for me) to be outdoor. We therefore fled to the movie theatre to get some a/c. 

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