Thursday, 19 January 2012

2nd day

My 2nd day at school was great. As on Tuesday I started out with the advanced epi class (today however, Michael didn’t drive me, so I cycled…). Afterwards I had a new class, comparative health systems which is going to be very interesting – We started out by watching a 55 minutes film about the flaws of the American health system – I’ll post it later, I’m sure you’re dying to see it! The teacher wasn’t there, but everyone who knew her talked very good of her and she’d made a YouTube video for us. We’re only 12 people in the class and two other people had been in Denmark, one had even lived there and “had been trying to learn Danish”. Very nice people!
After classes I visited my teacher in Leadership and Effecting Change and had a nice chat with her, I’m switching classes so that I will take the Monday course instead of the Tuesday one, the syllabus is the same, but the Monday class is for public health students (like me) and the Tuesday class is for health administration students (something similar to MBA). Afterwards I visit my dearest helper Carol. I’ll need a picture of her, for the blog… As with the exciting film, a picture will follow later.

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