Thursday, 12 January 2012

The orientation program went good. There were a lot of students there. I didn’t meet any Danes nor anyone who should study public health. There were a lot of people from Norway so (of course :-$) I hooked up and hang out with them. Most of them lived on campus and not “on Michael’s and my side of the river”.
I have problems with waiving the University health plan. I am covered through Michaels job (Europæiske), however as it is not a “US-based employer sponsored plan” (whatever that means), it seems as if I have to pay 1300$ (7500 kr) for their insurance as well.  However, I do need a Hep B vaccination, a new tetanus shot and screening for tuberculosis (?) in order to be at the School of Public Health, and as I don’t think Europæiske will cover that, I guess I will benefit from the university health plan in the end. I will find out today if I can waiver or not, and then I can get my shots on Thursday when I’m off at 10.

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