Monday, 16 January 2012

Our first adventure in Minnesota

We had talked about going up North on a cross-country-ski trip organized by the same group we went bouldering with last Tuesday (called MeetUp). And when Michael got a reminder to sign up, we did. However, there weren’t any spots left (?!). As Michael had set his mind to doing some cross country skiing, he (of course) found another trip Friday afternoon (instead of working!?). He called the organizers and luckily they had just got two cancellations. As Michael was still at worked, I packed our bags and when he got home we left.
Ready for take-off
It was a five and a half hours drive and as we got closer and there were still not any snow, we got a bit nervous. 

52 minutes before we were there it began to “snow” (probably it was just drifting), we celebrated, however 10 minutes later it stopped and there was no snow on the ground whatsoever... 30 minutes before we were arrived, the ground was getting “whiter” and the temperature had fallen to 1º Fahrenheit (-17º!!!!) and there was quite a lot of snow.

We were welcomed by Rob, the organizer, and much of the group. They were all very kind and interested in who we were and why we were there. The group was Minnesota Rovers, an outdoor club which we are now members of B-D

The lodge we stayed at
 Our cabin and our car

Apparently it was "blue-extra weather" all weekend

We went snowshoeing on some marked tracks - and of course we went extreme off-road as well
X - treme

Extreme polar plonging

Sunday we did some kiteing on the lake

Michael, kite-skiing
Me, kite-booting
The last trip this morning

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