Sunday, 8 January 2012

The first weekend

The day after we arrived, Michael started working, i.e. I had the day to myself. We picked up Michaels rental car and he drove me to the part of campus where I had to do my “Document Check” in order to enroll in my courses. The Document Check went easy and I walked across the Mississippi river to another part of campus and had my student ID card done and visited Carol who is employed at the School of Public Health and has been extremely helpful to me and who I had been looking forward to meeting. She gave me a short tour of the premises, showing me some of the class rooms in which I’ll be having classes, the computer facilities etc. She was wonderful!

Me in front of something with a high-rise in the background...
Saturday we went spinning in an extravagant gym west of Minneapolis, they had 25 foot swimming pool, steam and dry sauna, they provided towels, shampoo, conditioner, you name it and had a whirlpool in the locker rooms. (A biiit more than I am used to from Fitnessworld...).

After spinning, we went to The Mall of America, which apparently is Americas biggest shopping mall… There were rollercoaster’s, a ferris wheel and some other Tivoli stuff inside the mall.. Crazy. We’d heard that it would take one three days to visit all shops in there, but we did a tour (not visiting all shops though..) in four to six hours. 

Michael in his Christmas-gift-shirt we bought in Mall of America...

Lunch at The News Room
Me, looking wierd while having a nice lunch at The News Room

Sunday we went gym-shopping, we visited various gyms in order to find the best (to the price!?) near us or near Michaels work which is in Plymouth 20 minutes by car west of the city. We decided to go with the extravagant one from Saturday as they had two clubs in Downtown Minneapolis and a couple (including the one we visited Saturday) closed to Plymouth. Afterwards we went to Target and bought some very nice bikes and rode a trip round the city. 
Me, shopping bike

 Here is Michael with his gorgeous blue bike (I am a bit jealous! However as I am on a tight budget, I chose the (also very nice) cheaper bike)

We are on the old Stone Arch Bridge crossing Mississippi river, looking at the Fall of St. Anthony which I not quite know exactly what is....

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