Tuesday, 17 January 2012

So, I’ve had my very first day of school today. It began at 8.15 with a doctoral level epidemiology course that seems to become very hard work. Before the class started I got to talk with two girls. The class was rather small and some people knew each other. We are supposed to hand in six homework assignments, however we can talk about them and help eachother in groups, so I do hope I will find someone bright :-D In the period between my classes, two girls from the course helped me finding the SPH students lounge, locker rooms, and explained me how the printer works etc.
My second class was at 1.15, it was a much bigger class with almost everyone knowing each other, having internal jokes etc. – a bit intimidating. However, before the class started I talked to a girl who also didn’t know anyone, who was just as insecure as I was :-D. We did a name etc. round, so everybody got to know I was from Denmark and in the break, and also after class, a couple of (married!) men approached me and asked about me and Denmark… I even got a number if I needed help with anything. Lovely! For this course it seems as if there will be a lot of group work – the groups will be assigned so I will not be left by myself (girls’ thoughts).
For the third course I had today, it also seems as if there will be a lot of group work, we did a name-,experience-and-when-can-you-do-group-work-round and almost everyone were very busy and had only weekends and evenings to do group work – times where I would prefer spending time exploring Minneapolis, Minnesota, Wisconsin or some other part of the States or even Canada. For this class we will have to make our own groups. I did kind of hook up with three girls which I do hope won’t take up all my weekends. After class I chatted with a girl from this last class in the students lounge, she was also very helpful, giving me advice on where to find cheap tickets for the Theatres etc. Hopefully Michael and I will get to see The Lion king soon.
So: All in all I’m confident and optimistic.

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