Tuesday, 10 January 2012

9 + 10th of January

Monday Michael found rye flour - Waaay. Now we’re one step closer to backing our own rye bread… (Exciting reading I presume ;-D) We had a quiet night as we had planned to go spinning at six o’clock i.e. we were getting up at five in the “morning”. 
Tuesday morning, we did get up and did one hour of spinning. Afterwards Michael left for work and I did some laps in the small swimming pool (18 meters I think it is) our fitness club has. Afterwards I treated myself with a steam bath… I guess that I’ll have to use all the facilities every time I go there, in order for the extremely high price to be ehm... balanced out. 

This evening we went to the east bank of Minneapolis to do some bouldering Michael had found out about on the Internet.

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